22 September 17

How To Assign Bulb Channels

Choose your controller Select your paired controller in the main menu. Select manage bulbs Select "Manage Bulbs" from the controller settings main menu options. Change bulb channel Next, select the "Change Bulb Channel" option from the menu.

Here you can see the existing bulb channels already programmed to your controller. You can add or remove bulb channels here.

Select "Change/Assign Bulb Channel" Assign bulb channel Select which bulbs you would like to update from the first dropdown.

Next, select what you would like the bulbs from dropdown one to be updated to, using the second drop down.

Lastly, select the "Set Bulbs" button at the bottom of the screen to save your settings. Update Controller Return to the controller main menu and select the 'Update Controller' button to activate all new changes in settings.

NOTE: All bulbs need to be plugged into the controller or switch to properly update.


FLASHING BULBS - Flashing bulbs occur when the bulbs are not assigned to an active bulb channel. If this is happening to you, please plug in the unassigned bulbs and repeat the above steps to assign these bulbs to an active channel.