14 December 17

How To Perform A Firmware Update

Before You Update 1. Make sure you have version 2.4 or later of the app

2. To prevent your phone from going to sleep during the update, Go to Phone Settings > Display & Brightness > Auto-Lock then select "Never".

3. Please plan on 1-2 minutes to fully update firmware

4. Once complete, all bulbs and switches must be repaired (see below for more details).

NOTE: Don't exit the app, change screens, or take phone calls during the update. Perform the Firmware Update 1. Ensure you're connected to the internet (Cellular data is acceptable with a good signal. In order to use Cellular data, you must go into the phone settings for the app specifically and enable cellular data.)

2. Keep your phone within 10 feet of the controller during firmware update

3. Ensure the controller stays powered on during the firmware update process

4. Select "Update Firmware" on the controller home page and follow instructions

5. If successful, the controller will turn back on.

NOTE: If something failed, controller will most likely shut down and be inoperable. In this case, it will be best to contact Village Lighting and we will promptly send you a new Controller and a return label to send back the old one. IMPORTANT: After the firmware update is complete, all bulbs and switches will need to be re-paired.

1. UPDATE THE SWITCH FIRST: You may update the switch in 1 of 2 ways. First - if the switch is easy to reach, you may plug it directly into the controller and follow the steps to pair the switch. The second option, for when the switch is more difficult to reach (for example, if it's located on your roof), allows you to leave the switch in place. Immediately after being turned on, the switches listen for "pairing" signals for the first 3 seconds. If you can manually turn off the power to that switch, then turn the power back on when the app is sending the signal, then you can pair the switch without moving it. For this method, we recommend repeating this process several times.

2. After updating the switches, follow the procedure to pair the bulbs.

NOTE: Repeat this step several times to ensure the bulbs all re-pair properly.

NOTE: Please make sure switches are paired prior to pairing the bulbs. If bulbs do not turn off, then back on during pairing, the process was not successful. In most cases, pairing the bulbs will work without moving or taking down the lighting, so you may leave the lights in their current location.