15 September 18

How To Manage Themes & Colors

Choose your controller Select your paired controller in the main menu Select themes/colors Select 'Themes/Colors' from the controller settings main menu options.

NOTE: Swipe left on existing themes to edit or delete Add a new theme Next, select the '+' icon in the top-right corner to add a new theme. Build your theme Start off by naming your theme.

By default, every bulb channel will have no colors assigned. For each channel, click on the first (or left-most) empty swatch to select and assign the primary color.

If you would like to have a fade to color, repeat above steps in the second and/or third empty swatch section.

By selecting the 'star' icon on the right, you will activate the twinkle effect

NOTE: Activating twinkle will remove the second and third colors (fade colors).

Once you have set all your bulb channels to have the colors you would like, you can now select the 'Save Settings' button.

Your new theme will display in the 'Themes & Colors' section as well as anywhere in the app where a color or theme can be selected.