08 February 23

Mantle Hanger Usage and Troubleshooting Guide

Please take a look at this important information about our Mantle Hangers.

1. How does this hanger work?

The Hanger does NOT squeeze or clamp your mantle.

So how does it work? The Mantle Hanger uses downward force, held secure by a top friction pad, to create an opposing force with the Hanger's lower Jaw to keep it secure.

2. What shapes of mantle will this fit?

Due to the cantilever design of this hanger, it does not fit on every mantle size or shape, please take a look at a sampling of the types of shapes that this hanger will fit.

3. Hanger Dimensions

4. Adjust the size range by using the short or long bottom scroll hook

5. More useful information:

Mantle Hanger Overview Video