C7 Retro Filament LED Bulbs

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  • Available in boxes of 25 bulbs
  • Multi: Red, Blue, Green, Amber, Purple
  • ALL NEW! SMD Style Bulbs
  • Uses 1/5 the energy of incandescent bulbs
  • Break-resistant, crystal-clear plastic with glass-like appearance
  • Patented Retro Filament™ diode design
  • Sparkles unlike any other bulb on the market
  • Fits standard Candelabra (C7 / E12) sockets ( not included )
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use

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A new take on the classic bulb! Our new LED Retro Filament™ bulbs have a deeper color and classic look of incandescent with the benefits of LED.

The cutting edge innovation to the lighting world features a dual V-shaped filament mimicking the look of an incandescent bulb, while remaining super bright, durable, and energy efficient due to it's surface mount device (SMD) LED construction. This unique look that will lend your home a special sparkle for the holidays.