15 March 18

Christmas Light Clips

Every Assortment of Clips You Will Need to Hang Your Lights.

Universal Clips

The Do-It-All Christmas Light Clip

Decorating your home for the holidays can be challenging, but when using a universal clip, hanging Christmas lights becomes an easy task.

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all in one universal light clip

All-In-One Clip

Clip onto the gutter or slide under your shingles; this clip supports your lights all season long.

universal light clip

Classic Universal Clip

The original clip we all love to use. Under the shingle or clipped onto the gutter. Also converts into a Mini Light clip.

Omni universal light clip

Omni Clip

Complete with rigid teeth, this clip can either hold securely under your shingles or cradle your socketed wire.

Magnetic light clips

Magnetic Clips

Attractive in Every Sense of The Word

Magnetic clips offer a simple solution to quickly attach your socketed lights to a ferrous surface, such as your rain gutters. Make installation and take-down a breeze.

With magnets on two ends, you will love how easy it is to change the orientation of the bulb to either face upwards or face outwards.

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Replacement Clips

Repair Broken Clips on Sockets

The Christmas light socket replacement clip snaps onto any factory-made clip, repairing the socket's broken clip. You no longer have to worry about broken clips the next time you decorate your home, saving your time and your sanity.

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Replacement Clip for Christmas Light Socket

Shingle Tabs

Shingle Bells, Shingle Bells...

No gutter? No problem. Shingle tabs make installing your Christmas lights stress free by taking the shingle tab and sliding it under the last shingle on the edge of your roof. The provided holes on the tab that sitcks up allow you to decide whether you want to insert size C7 (E12) or C9 (E17) sockets into the tab.

That connection provides a ssecure seal between the tab and the socket so your lights don't fall or sway. Installing Christmas lights along your roofline without a gutter is more convenient than ever.

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Shingle Tab Light Clip for Roof Shingles
Parapet Light Clip

Parapet Clip

Hanging Christmas Lights On Flat Roofs

The parapet clip is the perfect solution to decorating your home with a flat roof. Simply use the parapet clip and attach it to the edge of your roof by either using screws for a permanent solution or taping for temporary solutions.

Next, use the combination of the shingle tab to simply slide in a locking connection with the parapet to hang your lights on a flat roof or surface.

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Mini Light Clip

Hanging Your Mini Lights with Clips

When hanging a mini light strand around your house or windows, these adhesive mini light clips are the perfect solution. Easily stick to any flat surface and attach your mini lights.

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Mini LED String Light Adhesive Clips