16 March 18

Custom Christmas Light Wire

Your Christmas Light Wire Should Not Constrain The Way You Install Your Lights. Build Custom Wire To Have Your Ideal Christmas Lighting Display.

Customize Your Christmas

How Are Christmas Lights Wired?

Many people want the freedom to customize there holiday lighting decorations. Creating the custom look you want is easier than ever by assembling our wire, sockets, adapters, and accessories.

Start off with plain wire (lamp cord), cut and trim to your specificaions. Next, attach clip-on sockets and plugs that require no splicing. Finish off the custom wire with a variety of extension cords, timers, and high-quality light bulbs to have the best looking Christmas lights.

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    Plain Wire

    SPT-1 & SPT-2 Options

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Spool of Christmas Light Wire
Spools of Green and White SPT-1 Lamp Wire / Plain Wire

Not So Plain Wire

SPT-1 vs. SPT-2 Wiring

Plain wire is the commonly used wired for custom lighting. Your house is unique, and so is the vision of your light display. Starting with plain wire allows you to cut-to-fit, and to attach sockets at your preferred spacing.

Plain lamp wire is offered in two options, both use 18-guage copper. SPT-1 is typically used on Christmas lights, and has an insullation thickness of .03 mm and is rated for 7amps. SPT-2 is usually reserved for year-round lighting, such as patio lights, and has an insullation thickness of .045mm with a 10 amp rating.

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Know Your Socket Sizes

Choose The Right Sockets For The Job

Christmas light sockets come in two standard sizes. The smaller E12 (aka candelabra base) and the larger E17 (aka intermediate base). The "E" portion of the code refers to the term "Edison bulb", while the numbers (12 and 17) is a referrence to the measurement (12mm and 17mm).

Our sockets are designed to clip on easily, with "vampire tooth" metal prongs that pierce the plain wire and make the required connection. Be sure to buy the correct sockets to fit the base of your Christmas light bulbs.

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Socket Sizes

Plug Adapters and End Caps

Custom Wire Needs Two Things - Power And To Close Off Exposed Ends.

You can end your custom wire in two ways. The first is by using a male or female adapter. Quickly clip on the "vampire plug" adapter that uses metal prongs to make the required wire connection.

The second way is to cap off the end of the wire in a safe and secure way. When you do not plan to continue power into a new line, our termination cap (end cap) is ideal. Split the 2 sides of the wire apart, insert them into the end cap, and slide on the seal to prevent any water or dust grounding your wire.

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Male and Female Plug Adapters / Vampire Plugs
Village Lighting Wire End Cap / Termination Cap

Essential Lighting Accessories

There's More To Your Lighting Than A Custom Wire

Extension Cord

Extension Cords

Extend the range of you power outlets and start your lights right where you want them.

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Digital Timer


Save Money with a timer that automates your lights on/off schedule.

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Christmas Light Clips

Light Clips

Hang lights on your gutter, shingles, or soffit & facia.

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