13 March 18

Christmas Light Timers

Automatic Outdoor Timers That Save You Money and Time.

Professional Installation

Set It and Forget It

The best kind of Christmas Lights are the ones that set up once and get to enjoy throughout the holidays with-out having to maintain daily. Spend more time enjoying your Christmas lighting and less time installing.

Professionals believe in having the finest quality Christmas light timer, which is why they use Village Lighting Timers to be able to automatically switch their lights on/off. Even harness the power of the sun with photocell technology which will automatically turn your lights ON/OFF with the change of light.

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Photocell Timer with extra outlets and multiple settings

Mechanical or Digital Timers

Old School and New School

Whichever timer is right for you we have you covered. A mechanical timer features a physical rotating dial that has a tension timer to count down mechanically. Mechanical timers are easy to use, simple to set, and allow your lights to run for up to 8 hours before they automatically shut off.

Digital Christmas light timers are a modern approach to installing and running your Christmas lights. Simply use the digital interface and buttons to create a schedule that will turn your lights on at the time you want, as well as turn them off when you want. Digital timers are great for accuracy and time efficiency.

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Digital Timer
Mechanical Timer

Control Lighting with Photocell

Automate Your Christmas House Lights

Many photocell timers have features such as dusk to dawn or dusk plus two, four, six, and eight hour settings. Remembering to turn your Christmas lights on/off is no longer a chore.

Photocell timers recognizes the change in light when the sun goes down and comes back up. Utilizing a timer with a photocell helps automate your Christmas light schedule.

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Sun Rise
extra power outlets on a stake timer with photocell

Not All Timers Are Equal

Expand Your lighting Possibilities

The Christmas light timer you purchase from Village Lighting will go above and beyond your expectations and make Christmas decorating easier than ever. Extra outlets give you additional power sources from one central location. Our outdoor timers are durable, weather resistant, and versatile.

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Tech Specs

Everything You Need to Know About Our Christmas Lights Timers.

  • UL Listed

    Quality is our top priority, so all timers are UL listed / approved.

  • One-Year Limited Warranty

    We back our timers with a one year warranty.