Light Stream™ is a revolutionary remote lighting system. We understand that you may have some questions. Here are some tips and troubleshooting to help you get setup.

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Commonly Asked Questions

  • How far apart can the switch be from the controller?

    Depending on the project, and any architecture that might be blocking the signal between the switch and controller, this might vary. But, we typically recommend 50 feet.

  • How much distance between the controller or switch and the bulbs plugged into them?

    The first bulb in the line directly connected to the controller or switch must be within 25 feet. Subsequent bulbs following that can be greater than 25 feet from the Controller or Switch. The bulbs relay data to each other from one bulb to the next down the line. The first bulb in the run needs to be close enough to communicate with the Switch or controller (25 feet or less).

  • If I have less than 200 bulbs and they all can plug into one Controller, do I need a Switch?

    No, you can plug them directly into the controller.

  • I have completed the pairing process and my bulbs are all lower power green. What do I do now?

    You now need to tell the bulbs what color to change to. Press the paint bucket on the home screen and select the color you want. The bulbs will update to your chosen color.

  • Are Light Stream 1 and Light Stream 2 Components interchangeable and compatible?

    No, Light Stream 1, including the light stream 1 app, are not compatible with any light stream 2 components.

  • The controller is unresponsive to the app.

    Your phone may have disconnected from the controller. Shut down the app completely, then restart. Select the controller from the controller list page and reconnect and sync.

  • I’ve just switched the controller on from timer mode and the bulbs low power green and haven’t updated color.

    Press the paint bucket on the home screen and select a color.

  • Each time I try update the firmware on the Switch, it installs it again. Why?

    The switch and controller to not track the current firmware version on the switch. Check our website to see latest Switch firmware releases and update only after new releases.

  • The schedule won’t allow me to set an “off-time” after midnight.

    Currently, the controller only supports off-times that are the same day as the on-time. 11:59 PM is the last supported off-time.

  • When run the pairing process, my switch doesn’t seem to be pairing.

    First, sometimes it’s takes several minutes for your switch to pair, continue with the pairing process until it finishes. The Switch(s) and their bulbs will pair at different times than the controller bulbs. After a full pairing cycle, if the switch hasn’t paired, then you may need to force pair. See the tutorial to force pair a switch.