Lights For Life - Spread Cheer During The Corona Virus

Nations across the globe have committed to voluntary house arrest over the last several weeks as social distancing is recommended to curb the spread of the virus COVID-19. While staying home has become the new normal, people have proven that being glum doesn’t have to be.

Between viral videos spreading kindness, doctors taking to Instagram to spread awareness, and handshakes now traded for waves to avoid spreading germs, there has been no shortage of cheer through the uncertain times that have plagued 2020. However, one trend spreads a very different kind of cheer, one that we weren’t expecting for another nine months!

On Sunday, March 15, sports broadcaster Lane Grindle took to Twitter to propose that people put up their Christmas lights to provide an acceptable social distancing activity during self-isolation. People who wanted to drive around and look at them could do so in the safety of their cars, as many of us do during the holiday season.

Not only does the notion provide a way for passersby to leave their house, the Christmas lights pave a positive path in times when celebrations, travel, and social gatherings have been prohibited in many states, and even countries around the world. People are commemorating their Christmas light photos on social media with hashtags like #lightthedarkness, #coronakindness, and #lightsforlifechallenge.

We, at Village Lighting, are mindful that there are many individuals and families facing hardships brought on by COVID-19 and the negative effects that business and establishment closures have had on everyone as well. We want to make it easy for those who want to participate in spreading Christmas cheer a little earlier, while also helping to support those who are struggling during trying times.

We are offering 25% off all lights until the end of April for those who want to spread a little rooftop cheer. Use the promo code LightsforLife to receive 25% off your purchase of lights, and 50% of our profits from our #LightsforLife campaign will be donated to to help combat hunger.